Dating Tips

To win another goth over with good conversation is something that needs a bit of practice, but can definitely be done. It's a good way to find your perfect goth match and to build a new relationship.

1. Don't Ask Too Many Questions!

When talking to a fellow goth dating member, don't interrogate. You want them to be open and natural, so don't make it feel like an interview. You can ask questions, just not too many. Ask likes and dislikes and see what you have in common. Then let them know what you're into.

2. Show that you are different:

Tell other goths about your achievements and skills. This can be very attractive and can help you find a goth partner. However, It is important to be modest and not show off.

3. Be Funny:

Telling good stories that are smart and funny is a great way to gain a rapport with another goth dating member. Make sure you're telling relevant stories that will be of their interest and taste.

4. Hypothetical Questions:

Ask a question that revolves around a scenario, such as "what would you do if...?". Try not to be childish with "what would you rather be...?". This can come across as silly and put members off.

5. Closing Statement:

When it is time to say bye, try to leave the other user with a last impression. Be polite, give compliments and if you would like to talk again then say so. This is very important and is key to building a lasting goth relationship.