The Goth Scene

"...being Goth, for me, is seeing beauty, and its coming destruction, at the same time. For me...It's the last dance as the walls are crumbling around you..."

Gothic culture is basically indefinable, because "Goth" means different things to each member of the gothic community. There are many stereotypes assiciated with goths so it can be hard to find a goth partner. But we make finding a gothic match easy. Just follow our online dating tips and set up a profile and you could be minutes away from finding your perfect goth match.

What does it mean to be a Goth?

The gothic culture is a complex one with many of it's members having different reasons for being a part of it. One thing that sits at the core of gothic culture is music. So who better to tell what goth means to them than Voltaire, the gothic singer songwriter.